Councilperson Fred Payne and the Alternative Transportation Future | Radio Solarize Greenvile

Councilperson Fred Payne, Greenville County

Longtime District 28 resident and past President of Mauldin 6 Republican Precinct.

Councilor Payne was elected in November 2006 to represent District 28. He currently serves on the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee and the Public Safety and Human Services Committee.

Payne aims to be a civil servant and works hard to respond to constituent needs. For example, he helped citizens form a South Greenville Water Improvement District to construct a long- sought public waterline along 5.4 miles of roads near Ware Place. Payne has written several letters and editorial opinions in the local newspapers regarding issues such as, Comprehensive Planning, the TECH system, Public Transportation, Community Crime Watch groups, and Public Water. He has made numerous presentations to churches, civic clubs and community organizations emphasizing issues related to southern Greenville County.

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