Joelle Teachey, TreesGreenville | Radio Solarize Greenville

Joelle Teachey, Trees Greenville

With the help of volunteers, partners, and members, TreesGreenville has planted over 5000 trees throughout Greenville County. There are over 120 TreesGreenville plantings in what they like to think of as their own County Arboretum. TreesGreenville plants mostly native and urban hardy species. They plant most Saturday’s October-March and we are always looking for volunteers to come plant with us. Plantings are funded through: memberships, donations, grants, honorariums & memorials, the ReLeaf Party, and the Turkey Day 8k.

Our featured guest in this episode of Radio Solarize Greenville is Joelle Teachey, the Executive Director of TreesGreenville. She shares all the efforts Trees Greenville is literally making Greenville greener.

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