Kristan Pitts, Sustaining Way | Radio Solarize Greenville

Our first episode of Solarize Greenville talks about the pricing of solar and why it’s such a great environment right now in South Carolina to put solar on your roof. See more about Solarize Greenville’s pricing.

Kristan Pitts, Sustaining WayOur community partner guest this week is Kristan Pitts of Sustaining Way.

Kristan overcame many obstacles in order to work her way through college, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration from Converse College. Having grown up in Nicholtown, Kristan brings with her a wealth of knowledge about the community. Through her time as the Annie’s House Apprentice, Kristan has acquired knowledge pertaining to sustainable design, gardening, and timebanking. She is eager to use her knowledge to help others grow and to improve the quality of life for her neighbors in Nicholtown.

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