Residential Solar Financing & Incentives

$0 Down  |  100% Financing Available

Solar financing and purchasing optionsAccess to solar is easier and more affordable than ever…

The homeowner has many options available to control electrical costs.  You can purchase the solar PV system outright, finance a percentage of it, or finance the entire solar energy system.  Here are some of the benefits*:

  • 30% federal tax credit
  • State tax credit (Amount & availability differs with each state. Currently South Carolina has one in place.)
  • Potential incentives from your utility company
  • Increased resale value of your property
  • 5-year accelerated depreciation

When the array is 100% financed, you can add these advantages*:

  • Low monthly payment with zero initial costs
  • Flexible financing with no early payment penalty
  • Interest may be tax deductible

Third party financing provides the homeowner with the means to have solar installed on their property with no payments for the installation and a contracted price for energy.  When 3rd-party financing is chosen, these are the perks:

  • Zero initial cost to you
  • No maintenance on the array
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Clean energy and a predictable price locked in for years.

This is a great time to install solar.  Explore your options and contact us for a free consultation.  Creative Solar Southeast helps you identify which incentives will apply to your installation.

*Creative Solar Southeast does not warrant or guarantee rebates, grants, credits, awards, or ROI. See your tax professional and accountant who will assess which financial advantages will apply to your installation.