Solar for Agriculture

Empowered by the SunAccess to solar has become easier for farmers…

Your farm is a business, and as such, it can benefit from the financial advantages* that solar energy provides.  Here are a few:

  • 30% tax credit
  • 50% MACRS depreciation
  • Section 179 depreciation
  • Potential for a 25% USDA grant
  • A return on your investment may be achieved in 3 – 5 years

Solar for your family farmThird-party financing is now available.  This option provides the farmer with the opportunity to have PV panels installed on their property with no installation costs and a contracted & fixed price for energy.  Here are some of the advantages of 3rd-party financing:

Zero installation costs

No maintenance on the array

Lower costs for power

Predictable energy price is locked in for years

It’s now easier than ever to ensure your farm’s future by installing solar power.

*Creative Solar Southeast does not warrant or guarantee rebates, grants, credits, awards, or ROI. See your tax professional to assess which financial advantages will apply to your installation.