Solar Solutions for Your Business

Solar ROI for BusinessThe main reason businesses are choosing solar may not be what you think. Some businesses go solar because it helps achieve environmental goals, reductions in carbon emissions, and target LEED certifications–and these are very good reasons. However, the most compelling reason businesses choose to install a solar energy system is because it makes good financial sense to do so.

With utility rates increasing and operating budgets falling under more scrutiny than ever, businesses are using solar to turn otherwise non-performing assets such as rooftops and undeveloped land into energy-saving, self-generating solar energy investments. Plus by developing solar assets at prime business location(s), self-generation allows them to not only mitigate the emissions produced through business operations, but it also stabilizes electricity costs and adds to the bottom line for decades to come. A properly engineered solar array works much like a 25-35 year annuity except it is not affected by economic upturns and downturns. Rather, its performance is based on the sun’s rays.

Benefits of Solar

  • Take control of a month cost that can be a performing asset for the next 25 + years
  • Capital allocation may enhance your tax position, ITC, Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) & Section 179 *
  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • 30% tax credit*
  • Save on operating expenses at no expense to the environment
  • 3-5 year ROI, typically*
  • There are public relations advantages to being a clean energy company

Solar Makes Cents - Do the Math

Why use Creative Solar USA for your renewable energy project?

At Creative Solar Southeast, our comprehensive project approach gives you the power to choose. Solar prices are declining, and depending on your location, we can show you how to achieve a payback in less than 5 years with a very respectable return during the years beyond. Creative Solar Southeast works with your organization to meet all of the bottom line objectives.

*Creative Solar Southeast does not warrant or guarantee rebates, grants, credits, and awards. See your tax professional to assess how credits and grants may apply to your installation.