Solarize Greenville Benefits

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Cottage with Solar Installation

Here is what you can expect from Solarize Greenville:

  • Savings: Savings through aggregation of solar materials high volume purchasing, focus on a limited geographic area, and tiered pricing schedule. At Tier 6 pricing ($3.25/watt), a similar solar system outside the Solarize Greenville quality program would cost approximately $4.50/watt outside the Solarize Greenville program. See tiered pricing schedule here. The system includes microinverters, all black Tier 1 panels, AC combiner, Envoy Metered-S and consumption monitoring.
  • Vetted Contractor and Materials: Solarize Greenville includes the selection of a qualified solar contractor and best-in-class materials so you don’t have to research these things yourself.
  • Free Solar Evaluations: Solarize Greenville includes a free solar evaluation including a roof evaluation, preliminary site design, energy usage profile, and financial analysis.
  • Education and Outreach: Several free workshops and events will be held throughout the duration of the campaign to inform the public of the benefits of solar. You will meet the contractors, learn about materials, and ask questions.
  • Energy Management App: The installation will include Enpahse energy monitoring app. Installation recipients will have access to how much energy is being generated and consumed. Being a better energy consumer allows more control over energy usage.
  • Limited Time: to generate inertia and motivate procrastinators. Once the campaign ends, discount pricing goes away. The Solarize Greenville program enrollment period will run from March 1, 2017, to May 31, 2017.
  • Increase of home value. This is an investment in your home. Homes with solar installed sell faster than homes without. Plus your home value increases. Read this article to get more insight on the appraised value of your home after you install solar.

Commercial Solar Installation

Solarize Benefits

Residents Solar Installer Communities
  • Reduced cost of solar
  • Removes guess work for choosing a solar installer
  • Free solar evaluation
  • Simplified contract process
  • Reduced customer acquisition cost
  • Improved permit process
  • Lasting community relationship
  • Limited geographic area
  • Investment in the Greenville Community
  • Economic development
  • Clean renewable energy
  • Reduced electricity costs
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