Solarize Greenville Equipment

Solarize Greenville wanted to bring the best possible product to the Greenville community. All of our main components are Tier 1 components to give you the assurance that your system will perform and last for years.

Q CELLS Canadian Solar Enphase Energy Roof Tech
  • Premium solar panels. Whether QCell or Canadian Solar black on black panels, the selected vendor offers a 25-year warranty on the solar panel.  Reliable and efficient with an aesthetically pleasing panel frame and backing sheet, these are top of the line panels and the preferred aesthetic choice for home owners. The panels blend well into the majority of roof systems and are completely parallel to the roof deck.
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  • Enphase micro-inverters. Enphase provides exceptionally reliable inverter solutions with a 25-year warranty.  Plug and play cable management provides safe, tidy, and well-organized installations. The Enphase microinverter eliminates the need for a large string inverter to be installed in your garage or basement and provides a superior operational system.
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  • Enphase MyEnlighten monitoring. Highly accurate reporting enables you to maintain real-time production and consumption energy values for your home, thereby providing the most accurate means to better manage your home, and your consumption of utility power.
  • RoofTech Racking. The racking system is developed to eliminate the need for unsightly aluminum rails on the roof providing a much more pleasing look on the home roof.  Providing the required roof clearance to ensure that all electronic components are adequately cooled, enable complete water drainage down the roof, and keep the roof clear of materials.  A simplified deck mounting system keeps the panels close to the deck surface and provides a clean installation.
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