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Solarize Greenville LogoSolarize Greenville is a solarize program incorporating the National Renewable Energy Labs (NREL) guidelines to deploy more solar in a community. Solarize programs follow three primary goals:

  • Streamlining local policy and permitting processes to make solar installations not overly-burdened with permits that delay or add unfair costs to solar installations.
  • Creating better energy consumers through education. Education includes topics: how solar works, solar financing, the energy grid, state policy, and energy efficiency.
  • Providing solar installations for homeowners and businesses at below market rates through the power of group purchases.

How does a Solarize Program work?

Solarize programs follow a variety of paths. The most successful ones are programs that engage communities with many opportunities to learn about solar how can transform the way citizens consume electricity through the engagement of solar power.

Solarize Greenville will work to streamline the permitting process in Greenville. It will also invite citizens to participate in workshops, house parties, and networking events. Solarize Greenville will also host a South Carolina Solar Policy luncheon.

Solarize Greenville offers two financial components for solar installations below market prices – a residential component that provides a tiered pricing structure. The more citizens that purchase the lower the cost becomes. The pricing structure includes six tiers.

 Tier  Aggregate kW (DC)  Purchase Price (per watt)
1 50kW $3.20
 2 >50kW-100kW $3.15
 3 >100kW-150kW $3.10
 4 >150kW-200kW $3.05
 5 >200kW-250kW $3.00
 6 >250kW-300k+ $2.95

Note: Tiered pricing is for standard rooftop installation. Comparable system outside this program: $4.00/watt.

The business components provide a 15 cents per kilowatt discount depending on the size of the structure. Get more information on Commercial Pricing.

Size System
<25kW <50kW <100kW <250kW+ 250kW>
Price Per Watt $2.15 $2.05 $1.95 $1.85 $1.75
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