What Is Energy Storage?

Battery Back-Up Solar Power Systems

Single Pole Mounted Solar part of the Clean Energy SolutionThe topic of grid reliability is coming up more and more.  If you conduct a search using the words “US Electrical Grid”, what shows up may surprise you.  Most articles discuss the concern over our country’s aging power grid, and its inability to handle storms, hurricanes, and other natural (or not-so-natural) disasters.  So, is it any wonder that more individual and commercial consumers are looking at what they can do to protect themselves in the event of a power outage?

What are the different types of solar-powered systems?

  1. Grid-Tied System: Your solar PV system is “tied-in” to your utility’s electric grid.  If the grid goes down, you will be without power.
  2. Hybrid System: Combines the battery back-up with the grid-tied system. You use the solar panel system combined with your utility’s electric grid to supply your power, but when the grid goes down, your battery backup system automatically begins supplying you with electric power until the utility restores the grid.
  3. Battery Back-Up System: Also called an “Off-grid” system. This means you are disconnected from the utility’s power completely and rely on your bank of batteries for all your electrical power needs.

What could you run in your home or business with your own battery back-up power system?  Here are some key items a homeowner might choose:

  • Lights in certain rooms
  • Refrigerator and freezer
  • Computers
  • Medical equipment
  • Heating/Cooling systems
  • Hot water
  • Water pump
  • Small cooking appliances
  • Entertainment (TV/Stereo)

Here are key items a business might choose to run during a power outage:

  • Lights
  • Cash registers
  • Credit/debit payment systems
  • Refrigeration
  • Servers/computers
  • Security/surveillance systems
  • Inventory/Loss prevention control
  • Uninterrupted sales in the event of a power outage

What if I have a generator?
Great!  Back-up power systems can be seamlessly connected with an existing generator or with a new one that you choose to purchase.