Who We Are

Russell Siefert, President, Creative Solar Southeast

Russell Siefert, President, Creative Solar Southeast Image credit: Kathryn Ingall

The Creative Solar Southeast team knows that all solar installations cannot be categorized into roof-mounted, ground-mounted or parking canopy-mounted; we believe there are limitless “creative” solar PV installation configuration possibilities. To achieve this, we work with our clients before, during and after the install to ensure the best possible solution, blending customer demand, system capabilities, and the expertise of our team.Our staff of experienced and Certified Installation Professionals uses the highest quality solar panels and products with industry ‘best-practices’ to customize every PV installation according to your requirements. Partner with Creative Solar Southeast today, and we will ensure you will be a satisfied member of our Clean Energy community long after the installation is complete.

Creative Solar Southeast is a subsidiary of Creative Solar USA, located in Kennesaw, Georgia.


Chris McMahan – Director of Sales

Chris McMahan - Director of SalesChris is responsible for overseeing the sales and marketing endeavors of Creative Solar USA. The responsibility includes oversight of sales personnel, customer acquisition and service, training and marketing. He is guided by his passionate belief that solar power offers both great fiscal and environmental benefits to adaptors of the technology. His goal is to ensure that the company’s customers receive friendly and effective consultation during the sales process and that they enjoy the benefits of reduced and predictable energy costs from solar power for decades after the installation. Chris has an MBA from Georgia State University and currently resides with his family in Decatur, GA.